IHFood creates advanced vision technologies to the food industry worldwide in order to optimize the production facilities. (www.ihfood.dk).

The consultants from Specialisterne perform analyses of the visual information used to optimize expert systems. The processes include: Image scanning and grading of foodstuff, e.g. eggs and poultry. The grading is subsequently used to train the expert systems. Classification of images according to content and discrimination power. Manual fitting of ellipses to egg boundaries in order to provide a test bed for optimizing the algorithms used to reconstruct the positions of the eggs. Implementation of algorithms to enhance the general performances and precise statistical estimations of the optimal resources required in the development itself.

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Official launch of Specialisterne SG

Specialisterne Singapore officially launched today 30 November 2017 with a visit from the Spouse of the Danish Prime Minister.

Read more about the visit: Specialisterne Singapore launch


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